Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, center, meets with Dakota Access Pipeline protesters on Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2016, in Morton County, N.D. Mike Nowatzki/Forum News Service

Vote Jill Stein and make your civic duty useful: as a count

Adam Holwerda


The mainstream media is desperate to keep us between the rock of Hillary Clinton’s corruption and the hard place of Donald Trump’s brain. Leading to the inevitable conclusion that voters this election season are resigning themselves to feeling bad about whoever they vote for. Voting has become a march to the gallows instead of a joyous opportunity to elect worthy leaders.

I submit: not so!

Statement: “Jill has no chance to win.” Rebuttal: “Voting to push either H or T over an imaginary line decided by arbitrary election rules that render your individual vote meaningless is not what voting is meant to be about.”

Have we become a nation where it’s so important to be a voter of the group that “wins” that it doesn’t matter what values the group represents? Even if each option from either group is worse than anything you could have imagined on your own? I’ll vote Jill Stein just to be counted among those who reject this two party cesspool of corruption and collusion among moneyed interests and “people” who are designed to behave as evilly as possible and get away with it — you know, corporations.

At this point in American history, every position you see on television is owned by one of six media conglomerates. Just about every point of view you see on television has been paid for by some company withSomeone has paid to have that view presented to you. Covering Jill Stein in any the mainstream media in any substantive way and in any way as an alternative to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump would be against the corporate media’s own interests in more than a few ways. So they don’t.

As if omission from television wasn’t a strong enough tool, it looks like these companies are utilizing influence to have publicly traded web applications like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube censor user content as well as situationally blacklisting aggregation features (like Trending Topics on Twitter).

Example of Situational Blacklisting of Hillary Clinton on Trending Topics
Example of Twitter Shadow Ban

There’s even the recent example of Facebook’s censoring of Korryn Gaines’ account while she was trying to livestream police at her door in military gear. Cops eventually made their way in and shot her and her 5 year old son as he ran from them.

Aside from censorship from web applications, I have evidence to support a hypothesis that the organizations in charge of polling numbers are fudging these as well. Recent polls excluded data from the 18–36 age group. Also, petitioners and pollers can easily skew the data into a choice between two options, like this:

Example of Persuasive Polling

The media corporations that have poured so much money into these two political figures — for Hillary Clinton as Foundation donations and campaign contributions as well as coordinated uplifting of the Clinton campaign. For Donald Trump they gave him about $3 billion dollars of free airtime, where he basically was able to make news any time he wanted to call in and talk to the American people, aren’t worried that Jill Stein will win. What they’re worried about is that enough people will vote for Jill Stein that it will make wake us all up to the narrative on rails we’ve been chewing for the last year.

Even entities we expect honesty from like PBS are now influenced by donations from various powers instead of just the public. Just take a look: When given a chance to censor a Jill Stein’s answer about Hillary Clinton and fracking, they do. And it’s egregious.

Example of PBS Censoring / Recutting Jill’s Answer

Do we know what’s really going on anymore? Do we care if we don’t know?

For my part, I do want to know. I want to know how things actually are so we can address the nation as it is soberly and with a shared understanding. If you feel that way too, my plea to you is this: vote for Jill Stein to be counted among us who are no longer fooled.

Why do I want to vote for Jill Stein when I “know” nobody else is? Why do I want to be counted? Because I know those voting Jill Stein are more than 2 or 5% (or less than 1% which is the lie they’re currently telling) and I want to know what the real number is. How many us are there really?

Jill Stein won’t win if you vote for her. That’s not the point. Presidential voting at this point in American history is an exercise in futility disguised as our one means for protesting or changing the system around us. It’s clearly not an effective means. Instead of telling you all about things you could be voting for at lower levels to actually change the system around you, corporate media focuses on the presidential race, the one where even if you do vote, it won’t matter. Go figure.

So, I hope this doesn’t leave you feeling hopeless at this moment. I want you to feel free! You don’t have to choose a rock or a hard place — you can vote for Jill Stein, who embodies many of the values of Bernie Sanders and his campaign.

She’s not going to win. That’s not the point. The point is to be counted.

Will you count for Jill?



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